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Meet Eunice Khoury
Eunice Khoury is an independent insurance agent in Oklahoma
City who has been working with retirees, Medicare beneficiaries
and persons planning to retire for over 16 years.

She specializes is making sure:

  • You have the best health benefits for the best premium.
  • You don’t run out of money
  • Your assets you worked for all your life are not at risk from time or from the Retirement Center
  • At your death, your assets go where you wish, without the state or federal government getting more than their share.

To accomplish this, Eunice works independently, but in collaboration with, attorneys’ and CPA’s to make sure you have a Well Preserved retirement!

Eunice Khoury is also the host of KTOK 1000's popular news radio show, "Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury" on every Saturday at 7a.m. on KTOK 1000. This show is a call-in show with tons of vital information for seniors.

Eunice Khoury along with Investment Advisory Representative, Patrick Munnerlyn are here to help you with your long-term investment needs, life insurance, retirement planning, long-term care, annuities and other financial advisory needs you might have. Read more about the financial planning services & insurance options available to you at the Well Preserved Advisory Group, located in Oklahoma City, OK.

Learn more about Eunice Khoury and the rest of the team who are ready to assist you at the Well Preserved Advisory Group.

House Bill 2693 would make hearing aids TAX EXEMPT for 62 & over. Call your representatives to show your support.

CLICK HERE TO download the phone list of your house of representatives & senators. Ring their phones and remember, they work for you!

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Listen to Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury Saturdays at 7 am on News Radio 1000 KTOK...listen with iHeart Radio

salute of the week
Each week on
Eunice’s radio show,
we Salute special people who deserve recognition!

Listen to our
Salute of the Week
audio clips.

dave ramsey oklahoma provider
“Eunice cares...and she knows her stuff!”
Eunice Khoury is a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider

Eunice has been an independent agent since 1989, specializing in:
Asset Protection • Medicare • Long-Term Care • Life Insurance • Qualified & Non-qualified Annuities

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